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Soul Transformation 9/9/20

Big day today with Mars Retrograde until Nov 15.Remember what a Retrograde is, for internal Self Reflection. You get to choose another way of doing something...

Look for Aries in your chart. Look at its location, as this is going to be where plans you had, have been hit with higher light. They’ll be moving closer to occurring but will more after Nov.

Looking at Mars, which really has a totally different Energy of Inspiration, Intuitive hits, taking that required action, following ideas, living risky. Here the Retrograde will feel like slow motion.

This is like a hibernation time. Enjoy this but make your plans now as once Nov 15 comes around, you’ll be fully in the GO MODE. Dream Big and make it happen.

Reminder to organize your time and plans. This period is a gestation for your Imaging into Reality. Take that inspirational Action with a plan in mind, set goals.

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