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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Feel your Soul. Feel where you’re standing. Take note of your Breath. Take note of what’s happening to it, whether it’s shallow or deep and full.

Shallow breathing, shallow breaths indicate stress, anxiety and if you don’t breathe too deep you won’t touch the emotions you locked away down inside.

Remind your Self to breathe in full and deep each time you take a breath. Of course life happens and your focus leaves your breath and is onto the next thing.

Your Breath has a healing capacity to it. Whether you know this or not, it’s True and Truth. Your Breath is full of the Divine, our Creator is our Healer.

When you breathe in, follow your breath all the way down to your toes and to the top of your head. All of your cells, organs, muscles, nerves, bones and your brain require oxygen in your Divine Breath.


GOD Loves You!

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