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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Let the Divine fill your Soul. Today is an 11 Portal Day. Be open to the Light coming in because it’s going to be a really BRIGHT Light of a day.

Be ready to Shine your Light today, many more Soul’s will wake up this day. Allow your Divinity to Shine into Infinity.

Capture your Divine Essence and send Love to everyone near and far. Reach out, stretch your arms as far as they can go emanating the Light from Within.

Today everyone is a Master of their Journey, since we came here to really Shine our Love and Light.

Find a moment this day and reflect all the Love you have in your life. Let this Love Energy build up in your Heart, then breathe in deep and LET IT ALL GO ... for Humanity, Mother Earth, the Animal Kingdoms, the Aquatic Kingdoms, the Plant Kingdoms...


GOD Loves You!

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