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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

GOD, Divine Source is everywhere. Practice the Presence, it will bring you closer than you know. You’ll feel the difference of being connected more in your Heart.

Looking for your Divine Essence and feeling for your Divine Presence in every moment, will lead you into an unknown but known Trust with Truth. GOD is in every moment.

Truth is what we stand for. Truth is what we live by. Truth has a currency and frequency of Divine Love and Divine Light. Truth is living with Integrity in all areas of your life.

Walk by Truth as did Yeshua. HE emanated Truth from every point of HIS life and existence. HE was the exact representation of GOD as Truth and Law on Earth as HIS Eternal Son.

Truth is being made from the ONE Creator of it all. Truth is true. Truth is Present. Truth is Freedom. Truth is Compassion. Truth assists you in replacing Darkness with Light and fear with Love.


GOD Loves You!

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