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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Try to keep your Energy less scattered. Try to keep focus and intention on what you’re doing, especially in your Present Moments.

Be Aware and Live Aware as much as possible. The more you focus on living in the Present Moment with Awareness and Intention, the more the Divine will communicate with you.

The many distractions that you have, are the many distractions that will keep you from focusing and living in Divine potential of what you specifically came to do.

Your Soul has a signature upon it with your direct Divine Vibration and Frequency. Your Soul carries this Divine information wherever you go. Your Soul is constantly picking up information as well.

Learn to know how Heaven, GOD, Divine Source is communicating with you. It’s always through your Intuition and through nature, hunches, gut feelings, instincts. Pay attention with intention in your Present Moments, answers are always present.


GOD Loves You!

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