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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Stand in your Power and Claim your Truth. Anything less than Love remove from your field. Say this out loud so your Guides and Heaven knows your Intention. Repeat 3 times.

You are a Divine Being of Love and Light. You have the Power and Authority over your Soul to command ALL darkness to leave it. Stand in your Power.

Pray with Decree. “Anything less than Love, remove from my field. NOW... What is not of GOD, Divine Source and is not serving me for my Highest Good, leave me NOW.”

Send it back into Light to neutralize it.

When you do this Power Prayer, remain in your Soul and know that you are Love and Light and only GOD has dominion over your Soul. Do not give your Power away to anyone for any reason.

Learn Discernment very well. This Energy assessment will keep your field clear of the dark that is no longer serving you on any level of your form. You have Free Choice here.


GOD Loves You!

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