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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Breaking your old boundaries according to your New Beliefs, can be challenging. Letting go of what you used to know and live so well, can be challenging.

Surrendering into this Newness, this New Energy of New Earth can be exhilarating. Many thousands of years ago, these same teachings were taught, as that Society had Newness to it too.

Yeshua, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and countless others lived amongst the Highest Spiritual Beings. They lived GOD, Divine Source, Higher Love and Higher Light. They simple knew GOD, Divine Source.

The Ancient Beings from long ago knew to Go Within. To find anything or figure out anything, they knew to Go to GOD, Divine Source. There was no other place, no other Source, to go, to look, to resolve, anything. This was understood by All.

No one looked outside of themselves for Self Power, Self Esteem, Divine Knowledge. Everyone knew they were Divine. There was no question anywhere that even entertained anything else. Although there was always dark and Light on this Beloved planet. It is a planet of Polarity.


GOD Loves You!

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