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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Find your Self in the Presence of the Divine in every situation and circumstance. The Divine is forever standing in your Presence.

We move our Self away from our Divinity and then wonder what happened to our Path, which should be in a Spiritual Direction always. Thousands of years ago this is how we lived.

We have forgotten our true roots, our true Truth. Our Destiny lies in our Spiritual connection with our Spiritual Divinity. Our Creator is forever connected to us, this connection is Infinite without end.

Look to the Direction of your Soul, your Sacred Heart, this is your Truth Direction. All other directions you follow will lead to dead ends with absolutely no Soul satisfaction.

To be satisfied in your Spirit with your Divinity, leads you to your Destiny. There is a particular alignment for your Soul’s expression, look for it and feel it.


GOD Loves You!

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