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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

As we walk through life on our Soul Journey, may we continue to keep focused on the Divine. This is your Soul’s compass, the one and the only.

Even if you fall out of balance, fall off your path, your Sacredness and GOD does not and will not leave you. These are only temporary pit falls.

You must adjust your VISION to HOLY VISION. This is where you will see and witness the Divine always working in your life and on your behalf.

There is a Divine, Holy, Perfect System and we’re in it, no matter what. Trials come and trials go, your Holiness forever stands through all of time.

When you look at your life from a Higher Perspective, you will see how Divine it really is and how Divine you really are. Shift your Perspective.

Happy Birthday to my sister Cindy!


GOD Loves You!

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