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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Hold tight in your body, mind and Spirit. Much of the Dark Night of the Soul for Mother Earth is passing. This Darkness has been purging out all Old Ways, Old Beliefs, Old Paradigms.

Our Galactical Central Sun is filling us with much more Light than ever before. You may have noticed this Energetic Shift with certain human abilities you have at hand; memory, retain and process information, understanding Spiritual Knowledge.

A huge Spiritual Awakening is happening around very large amounts of tumultuous Change. Humanity is and Changing and will continue to change.

Human Growth and Ascension is happening with much assistance from the Universe. There will be periods of time where Earth absorbs Galactical Light and Humans will advance physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.

Spiritual darkness turns into Spiritual Light, these are cycles we are going through. Many more Spiritual experiences will begin to happen to many humans as we Journey together through this Shift.


GOD Loves You!

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