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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

When you have any dealings in this world and life, come from a place of Love. This Love Energy can be felt by anyone dealing with you, it ripples out into the Universe.

Your Heart must be Present and Open. People, animals, places and things should be able to Feel your Love. It’s so important in these times to spread Love.

The Energy field we are NOW living in is Benevolent. This Benevolence is coming in through the Universe as well and it will spread to every Soul and every Nation.

We must look to the Divine for ALL of our decisions. These decisions have to be made from Love and Compassion, there is no way around this.

Smile in your Sacred Heart each day and LIGHT UP THIS WORLD. Right NOW your Love and Light is so needed. You can change someone’s life just by your compassion and smile; hug a tree, pet an animal.


GOD Loves You!

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