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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

We will eventually all end up being with Soul Family. You’ll know in your Heart who is your Soul Family, the recognition will raise your Vibrational frequency instantaneously.

Your Earth family were those who brought you in and kept you in a form of survival mode. Thank them. Now that we are leaving 3D ego, you will be with Soul family. This shift was designed for this function.

When like minded groups of Souls gather, massive reorganization, massive understanding, massive regrouping, massive benevolence, massive restructuring, massive Love pulls this all together.

All those Souls who chose to come here during Mother Earth’s biggest Shift, are Aware of All the restructuring, rebuilding, creating from Anew the Divine Way.

We are All not just here to survive, we are All here to thrive. Merely existing is not going to happen anymore. WE are All part of the whole and Wholeness and Oneness is what WE are going To BE.


GOD Loves You!

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