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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Remembrance is a key factor of what You came to bring to the richness of Mother Earth. We that are here, have chosen - were chosen on purpose to assist Mother Earth in this Higher Consciousness Ascension.

We have all gathered here today, in this modern day, to bring back the Ancient Wisdom, the Ancient Knowledge, the Ancient Knowing, the Ancient Understanding in its Highest Light.

We are the Chosen Ones to bring this Ascension about. It’s time to Wake up to your Eternal Truth and stop sleeping behind the wheel of the biggest driving force Mother Earth has ever seen.

You are part of the Divine Universal Flow. These things that are happening, are supposed to happen to really clear out the illusions of what used to be in the limitations of the human being.

We are Divine Beings with Infinite Possibilities in an Eternal Infinite Unlimited Energy that we need to get used to Being and Living in. We, You, I Am this Light. We, You, I Am this Love.


GOD Loves You!

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