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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Feel the breeze running through your Soul. Hear Mother Earth calling you to your role. Your Sacred Heart is beating to a Sacred drum.

Hear the Ancients calling your name, not the one you were born with but the one GOD created you with. Hear the echo in the surrounding hum, it’s calling you out.

No more hiding in your old role. The past is gone, the Newness is here. Claim all that You are and really why you came. No more time for the old game.

Pick up your Ancient Wisdom, it’s known on every shore. From the top of the highest mountains, to the bottom of the lowest seas, you are known here there and everywhere.

Walk where you may, your Soul is realigning. The Path of your Soul will not be incongruent. You may go where you wander, your Soul will pull you toward your Truth.


GOD Loves You!

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