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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Always make sure you follow your Heart, even if your ego is yelling from afar. Your mind will plays tricks on you if you let it.

When you lead from the Heart the dynamics become more incredibly sincere. The Heart brings about a certain Energy that pulls your Spirit into Action.

While becoming in-tune with your Heart Energy, your life will become more congruent. Events and occurrences will just line up, you will not spend much Energy on anything.

Go along with your Galactical parts and pieces. Know that you are much more than your Human skin and that you’ve incarnated onto another planet in another Galaxy.

Even if things appear to be far away from your Soul, know that what you project is what is coming back. The Universe is sending you your verse, so claim your Soul’s Empowerment.


GOD Loves You!

Happy Birthday St Padre Pio

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