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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Make sure you follow your Soul Path. The Universe will be testing you and watching your decisions and actions.

Be very Intentional as you move forward on your Soul Path. Many things will be lined up for you according to your Intentions, your Will Power, your Follow through.

Heaven is looking to see why you choose what you choose. Is it the Safe Path? Is it the Wise Path? Is it the Shortcut (which there are none) Path? Is it the Self Worth Path? Is it the Trusting Path? Is it the Path least taken?

Where are you going as we begin to come out of Solitude? What has changed for you going forward? Where will you place yourself with your Priorities?

Have Self Love and Self Worth high on your categories. You must feel a Benevolent sense of SELF, especially after the Grace of Solitude presented to every Soul on this planet. Lockdown or Grace of Solitude...


GOD Loves You!

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