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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

We are getting ready to step into the Summer Solstice Energy fully. The day that marks the second part of the year with New Beginnings.

At this time we can Feel the momentum of the Solstice Energy building. A lot of Change as occurred sine 2012. We have Shifted much, and we will continue to Shift.

The Solstice moves us to the second hemisphere of our Being Energetically. They are in such Divine Timing allowing us to step into the warmth of our Divine Soul.

It’s time Now to recognize more of your Self moving into your Divine Truth. This Journey has been mapped out for us by Spirit, we as a Whole, some will have difficulties stepping into this Light.

Divine Light of your own Uniqueness, your own Soul, your own Understanding, your own Truth is Calling to You. Please pay Attention to the Soul Call, it will definitely Shift your Journey, Life and World.

GOD Loves You!


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Solstice Energy Emerging…🌞

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