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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

New Moon in Cancer Energy this weekend. Time to get in Alignment with your Soul and bring about something new. Cancer is coming upon itself here being in its own astrological sign.

The New Moon conceals itself behind the Shadow of the Night. This gives you a chance to start with a clean slate. The Moon is the ruler of your Subconscious Self, the Sun is the ruler of your Conscience Self.

This New Moon in Cancer brings up a lot of emotions, activating Empathy. Express what you need to express, don’t hold back. Process what’s coming from Within.

Trust and respect your Feelings. Cancer is ruler of the Heart. Cancer is very Nurturing, it’s filled with Compassion. Cancer Energy follows your home, your family and your roots.

Think big during this New Moon Weekend. Your Inner world and your Outer world begin to align. So use this opportunity to be Inspired by what you’ve always dreamed of creating for your world. Leave the old constrictions behind, allow Newness. Create with Love and passion.

GOD Loves


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New Moon in Cancer Energy…🌚

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