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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Go back to your Holy place, the place where Christ Consciousness Awakens in you. Follow this Great Love. Follow this Great Light.

Let Peace fill your Holy Soul once again. A Birthing place of a New You from an Ancient Wisdom and timelessness capsule. Breathe into your Holy Light.

Let walking in the Holy hills of the Ancient Times come alive once again in your Sacred Soul. You are made by the Holy One, you are Holy.

Trust the Light that is Calling You. An Ancient Wisdom that your Soul knows so well, is continuing to rise in you. Pattens of Self rejection are lifted from you.

New Patterns of an Awakening Wisdom stir about you now. The Christ Consciousness Center begins to Open up again for you.

GOD Loves You!

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Trust the Light that is Calling you …💛

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