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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

As a Soul walking your Journey, keep Light in how you express anything to anyone. You heal or shatter from your point of view.

Take a step back before you actually give advice or speak, see to your Self is this helpful or harmful. Weigh it out with Positive Good Vibes.

When ever you speak, Words have Power; Remember that. Words can take some up or take someone down. Remember what you’re saying also goes out into the Universe as your verse.

Keep Light and Positive on your Journey. Start to take notice of what Vibe(s) you’re sending out. If they feel helpful or hurtful to you, then someone else will receive them the same way. Be Kind.

Kindness is part of the Golden Rule. It states: as a moral, “ treat others as you would like them to treat you”. This works in every part of life, on every continent and in EVERY HEART. Love you💜

GOD Loves You!


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Kindness goes a long way …💗

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