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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

You are always connected to your Guides and the Divine, know this. You are always connected, accept that. You have to make the first move. In asking for help from your Angels and Guides say, “HELP NOW”.

To your Angels and Guides: “I AM so Grateful you are here”. Talk to them and they’ll talk to you. Let them feel and matchup with your Frequency. Communication can begin.

You Guides and Angels have Unconditional Love for you. Do Prayers with them as well. Feel them in your Heart. Ask if they have a Message for you. They can hear your thoughts but you must ASK for any type of assistance.

Ask them to send you a thought… You’ll feel it in your Heart. Feeling Love is so Awesome and Wonderful. Be Silent and Holy Listen, Holy Feel.

We often find things wrong with ourselves. Self abuse, Self criticism, Self judgment, we spend too much time here … Go to, “what’s my next steps” and ASK for Divine Guidance

GOD Loves You!


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Connecting with your Angels and Guides …😇

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