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Divine Path … Sacred Love …

Sit in Holy Silence and observe your Self. Can you sit quietly? Is your mind chatter going? Are you able to relax in the Present Moment?

Capture your Soul Essence and savor it. Relax in its space. Be in its great Peace and Tranquility. Don’t move around. Be fully relaxed and take it all in.

If you’d like to Be in and Remain in your Soul’s Grace, make a Conscious effort to connect with this part of you everyday. The more you do, the more the Energy will assist the Connection.

Like attracts like. So daily Create a Spiritual Practice where your Soul constantly attracts and reflects its own Divinity; it’s who you are at Core level anyway.

Be in the Sacred Space GOD, Divine Source, created for you. Go about your business in this Sacred Space. Walk around knowing your Divinity.

GOD Loves You!


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Like attracts like … 💞

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