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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Today is a Portal Gateway 11/11 as you really begin to step into your Soul and owns it Truth and Divine Power. Divine Energy is channeling into you. Master Number 11 are pillars of Divine Energy.

Unity is occurring amongst those who are Awake. Many are Awake now and living in Awareness. You can feel this and you can see this, take a good look around. Ascension is happening, especially on this Portal day.

Higher Dimensions will come through your Divinity through your Crystalline. It will go directly to your Soul, Innate Self, and not touch your human vessel or brain chemistry at all. Your DNA will be Upgraded.

It’s best to connect to your Soul’s Heart, located very close to your human heart but above it and in the center. Be here as much as possible. Live from your Innate Self.

It’s so important NOW to Be and Live in Faith. You must Trust the Universe, GOD, Divine Source in what’s taking place. Your old patterns are becoming known to you so you can change them, dissolve them: they no longer serve you.

The Energy is so High now. Follow the heightened Energy which brings you forward into your Known TRUTH. The Soul is Aware.

Your Inner Mastery is going to Awaken even more. Be Open to the Plasma Light coming in. Your Master Vibration is connecting here to your Highest Timeline.

GOD Loves You!

In GOD we Trust!

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