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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Walk your Sacred Soul Path with Mercy and Compassion for your Self and for others. Open your Heart to others, they are of the same lineage of GOD, Divine Source. WE are ONE.

Each of us struggle, each of us has challenges. Please don’t add to anyone’s burdens but lift them up by sending LOVE. Love conquers All, it changes the Vibration everywhere.

Ask for GOD’S Mercy, Divine Source. Pour your Heart and Soul out to GOD, Divine Source, Higher Power. Get on with your Journey of Love and Light.

Walk in Light and never let the darkness overtake you. You are Light and once you realize that, begin to SHINE your LIGHT everyday. Be the salt of the Earth and the Light of the world.

Believe in the Light that you are. You are the Light of the world, reminder as Yeshua, Jesus, often spoke these words to many. Know who and what YOU are. You are a Reflection of Divine Light.

GOD Loves You!


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