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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Full Blood Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio,this will be Powerful. Eclipse’s bring spontaneous and unexpected events. Taurus and Scorpio are your Integrity in your life, in your Alignment. This will be the longest lasting (3.5hrs) partial eclipse in 580 years. Begins 1:02AM EST.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so your values, Self Worth, financial flow, beauty, Love, contentment, Peace. Feeling pleasure and contentment in your life. Eclipse Energy Activates you where blocks are, bringing forward your Purpose and Life Destiny.

Scorpio is in the Sun sign opposite the Moon, so signs of Transformation, finding what’s been hidden, Empowerment, getting to the Heart of what’s occurring.

This Moon Eclipse Energy will with Scorpio have you as an individual, triggered where you stay disempowered. It will go deeper into your psyche with your unmentionable Self.

Venus with your Self Worth can bring beautiful foundations for your wealth. Notice your boundaries. This is High Purpose Moon Energy, Self Mastery.

Taurus is Self Love, where you give permission to BE AUTHENTIC. Time to tune into your Self. An impulse will come to stop Limiting Your Self Expression. Your Heart is Opening here.

Moon Energy is Energy of Shadow, it’s highlighted for resolving. Self Love and Self Worth come from more Heart Centered Action occurring. This is Moon Energy Integration.

GOD Loves You!


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Full Blood Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse …💜

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