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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

This is the time to create anew, a time to realize what you’re made of. A time to bring the Infinite Wisdom of your Soul to the surface.

This is a time where you maybe Soul searching to see what’s really Within. This may mean some alone time where it’s You facing You.

You may have to dig deeper into your Soul, the ego is a surface thing without much significant meaning. The Soul goes way deep and has a very Truthful meaning.

Walk in the Awe of your Soul. A New Life is emerging in you with Truth doctrines and not false promises. Go Within whenever you can. Make this a permanent habit to reach Within.

If you feel you don’t know which way to go or where to go, begin to Pray and Meditate. When you’re alone with GOD, Divine Source, you can hear Divine Wisdom.

GOD Loves You!


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