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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Have the richness of GOD, Divine Source, in your Soul at All times. Let this be what you always come back to.

Let the Divine, GOD, Guide you. Fall back onto GOD, Divine Source for all of your support. Yes we have family and friends but nothing is like GOD, Divine Source.

When you Live with GOD, Divine Source, you’ll have the Holiness you were created with. In Holiness, All things dissolve into Love and Light, our Infinite Vibration.

Learn to be Open to the Divine. Let the Wisdom of Heaven, GOD, direct you. Let this Divine Energy flow through you to create betterment.

Remember the Sacred is your refuge and sanctuary. The Sacred recharges your Soul, your Heart, your Mind and your Body. Get Sacred.

GOD Loves You!


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Learn to be open to your Divinity …💜

Gefällt mir
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