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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Powerful New Moon and total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius this day. The Eclipse runs from 12:30AM EST, Peaks at 2:33AM EST, completes at 4:30AM EST.

Sun and Moon will both be in 12 degrees Sagittarius. Sun (Masculine Energy) and Moon (Feminine Energy) Eclipse, an Energy rebalance occurs. Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine are Recalibrating, Yin and Yang Within YOU is resetting. Breathe and receive.

Sagittarius Energy is Expansive, Loves Knowledge and Wisdom, goes for Higher learning and Beliefs, Perception and Awareness. There are 9 planets involved in this Solar Eclipse.

So much Energy and movement in our atmosphere. It’s time to feel deep for your Soul Values. You must be able to stand up for what you Value as an individual, the Collective will be doing the same.

It is necessary now to follow what you Believe from Within and take Action on it. Nature and Natural Law, concepts of Right Action and Right Relationships. Find the Clearest Lens to see, as things will become much clearer.

Trust the Guidance you are receiving. You’ll be ushered into a New Pathway elevating your experiences. Life Transformation. Positive Changes and upgrades to your life. TRUST!

When the Moon moves in front of the Sun, the Light changes and visions shift … A temporary out of Shadow time … A different perception reveals itself.

See Truth for what it is using your Inner vision, this is Knowing. A New Time awaits for you on Mother Earth. A New Journey with more meaning. You are seeing through a New Lens.

Solar Eclipses bring about New Beginnings, Possibilities, Opportunities and leave behind old limiting beliefs. Take Action and set your Self free.

GOD Loves You!


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