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Divine Path… Sacred Love …

Being Grateful and being Thankful really shifts your Energy field. Remember the Universe, GOD, Divine Source, is with you at all times and can Feel this Vibration about you.

Let everything go and concentrate on Being Loving, Kind, Generous, Wise, Giving, Caring, Compassionate. Your life will change for sure.

Remember when doing Vibrational Energy work, that everything is Energy in some way, shape or form and it will have an affect on your field, Aura.

Activities also carry a Vibrational Energy to them as well. Choose what you’re doing very wisely, it will now cost you Energetically.

Those you choose to surround your Self with also affect your Vibrational field. Take a closer look at who and what is in your field. Many things will be Energetically calculated now.

GOD Loves You!


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