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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Know GOD’S Grace. Do not use your ego to try and fix anything, any situation or anyone; you are made Perfect in/with GOD. Realize your Self and clear up the Energetics.

You’ve got to find the Passion in your life, in your Soul and make it count. Go about sitting with your Soul in Holy Silence, make this a Holy habit.

Recognize who YOU are. Really take a deep look at your Self. Take a deep breath and stop what you’re doing and pay Attention to ‘YOU’ at this moment.

What fills your Soul? What makes you happy? What makes you feel Worthy? What makes you feel like you’re contributing to the Whole with Compassion?

Thank GOD, Divine Source, for filling you up with so much Love and Grace. Have a Grateful Heart every single day.

GOD Loves You!


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