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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Don’t make anything personal when it comes to people. People reflect what’s inside, not their True Self but their wounds. Purity of Heart is coming.

Hurt people, hurt people. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it is not. When you are unhealed, you go around in disarray.

Healing is work and a lot of it. You are not just Healing in this Now, you are Healing many lifetimes. Trust this Divine Process, Yes, it is a Process.

When you’re Healing, you’ll have Healing Crisis and many Dark Night of the Soul episodes. Nothing is simple about Healing, or is it? Can you just Let Go?

Follow the flow from Within. Follow the Voice from Within. This is direct Guidance for your Soul Journey, follow it. There is nothing that could be better for you than following your Soul.

GOD Loves You!


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