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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

As we close out this year be Grateful and Thankful. 2021 was a year WE purged a lot of old energy, both you as an individual Soul and the entire Collective. Be Grateful for your Awakenings and Awarenesses on many levels. Many have Woken Up over this past year in/ with Divine Timing. Each Soul has its own Divine Timing. Really be Grateful for/to your Guardian Angel. Each of us really hung on to them tight going through 2021. Now they prepare us for 2022. Be Grateful for your Guides, Teachers and Ascended Masters. Many of you will be getting some New Guides as you shift, the others will fall away as you Ascend. Yes, your Guides change. I am Grateful for All of you who Gather here with me each and everyday. It has been a Soul Journey for sure. Be ever Thankful and Grateful for Spirit, Holy Spirit, GOD, Divine Source, You are here and you are Infinite and Eternally Timeless. Thank you! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Welcome 2022 with an Intuitive, Open, Loving Heart, filled with Divine Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Wisdom, Grace and Divine Intelligence. Live with a Humble Heart.
222 Angelic Guidance & Intuition 🎊Happy New Year’s Eve🎊 GOD Loves You!


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Happy New Year’s Eve 🎉

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