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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Be in your Truth and Truth, as much as possible. Truth carries a frequency of Light that allows more Light. It actually raises the frequency of your body.

Anything that is UnTruth, brings dark voids to your body. Pay attention to what you’re doing with your Soul and the Energy field you’re living in.

Be in your TRUTH, so more Truth and Light can come to your body. So when you’re in the pursuit of Truth, you’re allowing more Light into your body and this actually expands your field.

So now You can hold more Light and this allows for Healing, for Expansion, for Growth, for Abundance, for Protection. Allow LIGHT to enter your Field.

This is what Yeshua, Jesus, was teaching. Yeshua said, “ I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life” . Expand your Self into what “I AM Teaching” , Yeshua said this and so much more.

GOD Loves You!


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Unknown member
Feb 14, 2022

Be in your Truth!!!


Unknown member
Feb 14, 2022

Angel Messages

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