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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

All acts of Kindness cost nothing. There is no price a Soul could ever pay to be KIND. It is an automatic response Divinely set up in you.

Kindness is a part of the Soul makeup. Kindness is an Energy of the Heart and Soul. Kindness is a Universal Understanding, to serve one another as I have served you.

Kindness grabs a hold of your Heart and places deeds in Acts of Free Will, to assist another at anytime; not just in a time of need. Be Kind every time.

Kindness is Divinely orchestrated. Can you reach into your Heart and Soul at any moment and Honor the living essence, whether it be human, animal, plant, spirit, in front of you?

If you are not KIND, it’s because you’ve become so arrogant and self absorbed, that you’ve missed the mark of assisting humankind, animals, plants, … all of life.


GOD Loves You!


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