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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Never try to second guess GOD, Divine Source. When Divine Will places itself before you, bow down and honor it with all of your Soul.

When you are asked by the Divine or challenged by the Divine, it is out of pure Love. It’s not meant as a punishment or for you to take offense toward GOD, Divine Source.

You are placed here with all these challenges in front of you

for Soul Growth and Expansion. They are not meant to damage or hurt you in any way.

When the challenges come Pray more. If you haven’t started a Prayer life, you may want to start one Now; it’s never too late.

There is much that can be communicated by GOD, Divine Source when you sit down from your own busyness to tap in. The Divine awaits your arrival.

GOD Loves You!


**Have A Day Communicating with the Divine!**

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