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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Breathe in full and deep, then relax. Now breathe in a little, then have a long exhale out. This brings things of low frequency into Light.

Repeat again. Breathe in a little, then a long exhale out. You can make a sigh, a sound, an Om. This exercise turns you into Light, where purging would occur.

Trying to keep your Self in Love and Light while moving through these days is extremely helpful. You will feel more Light and lots more Love.

Practice this technique whenever you feel you’re going to begin to purge. When you feel your Self dropping from your Present Moment, do this breathing to release and gain more Light.

You will continue to gain and retain more Light as you move along the Ascension Process. So much Energy is coming in to allow these shifts in our Self and Mother Earth. We are ONE.

GOD Loves You!

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