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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

In calls the Sacred Heart to a Soul Destiny like never before. This is the time to let the old hauntings go, while claiming your Soul Destiny.

This is the time to pull into your existence what you desire for betterment for your Self as well as Mother Earth. Betterment in all that you are, in all that you do.

Time to mature in your Soul’s Magical Heart. Listen to it’s Whispers of Sovereignty, it’s Whispers of ways you can serve better.

How, is not your concern. How is the way in which the Universe aligns things in your Soul’s Path. How is the way you learn to Trust the Divine, the Universe.

Go about your beautiful ways and draw upon them all the Positivity you can. Keep your Soul, your Self moving toward your Destiny, your future into the Now Moments.

GOD Loves You!

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