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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

This weekend, this day February 6 has 3 distinct Venus connections. Venus is all about Love and everyone knows this; especially since Valentine’s Day is this month.

The number six is about Love Beauty, Balance and Abundance, very similar to Venus.

Venus connects to Saturn, the focus here is in relationships based on value, loyalty, integrity, truthful, trustworthy, committed.

Structure something creative with your imagination.

Venus connects to Chiron, the focus here is how your values have become more Spiritual in nature do to more Divine Inspiration coming in.

Venus connects to Uranus, the focus here is on a change in your intimate relationships, where your Inner Wisdom comes to the surface.

Venus is reminding you of your passion for life. Choosing Love and not withholding it, opens you up to a free Loving Self Expression. Love makes you happy. Be Inspired. Be Imaginative. Be Loving. Be Open. Feel Blessed.


GOD Loves You!

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