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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 (2:06PM EST.) Master Number 11, Divine channel. There will be 6 planets out of 10, in the Sign of Aquarius this day.

We have the Sun and Moon joined together with Venus, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn

The “11” Divine Channel today in the Now Moment, meaning take risks and leave the past while moving into the future.

Your Mind will be Illuminated, so your Energy field will be moving out limitation and lack. This is being pushed by the 7 Star Stellium, 6 planets in Aquarius.

Be free from all outcomes, let them go. Let everything resolve and dissolve. Breathe into the Newness in its own space. Detach from whatever has your attention.

Bring in the focus of your Soul Purpose, allow that Energy to unfold. You are ready to shift into action for your next big thing. Don’t block your flow, go with it.

Be excited for what’s coming. Trust the Process, Trust the Universe with Divine Timing as you keep moving forward with no hesitations.

Your emotional Energy needs to be felt and released. If you push them down, you will remain stuck where you are. Open up. Breathe. Let your Emotions come up and feel them out.

Let go of the negative mindsets. If you focus here, you will keep your Self stuck right there. We are shifting old patterns and Aquarius Energy is here to help us shift in a big way. Move into the Newness of You!


GOD Loves You!

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