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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Breathe deep in your Soul every day. Breathe into your Heart center, your Soul’s Center; which is not your human heart.

Allow this Divine Breath to fill you completely from head to toe. Feel it’s magical Essence as it washes over all your organs and cells. Renew in this Healing Breath everyday.

Be Mindful of your Breath, it is Sacred, it is Holy. Your Breath has the Power to Heal you of anything. It is your Truth, it is your connection to Source.

Recognize when your Breathing becomes shallow. This means you’re out of Present Time and may be a bit anxious. Slow down and Breath.

Your Breath can take you to many places, if you just allow it to fulfill you in its Sacred way. Breathe into your Holy Soul. You are the Living Breath of GOD, Source, Divine.


GOD Loves You!

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