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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Our Mother Earth is one of our biggest Nurturers. This opens us up to Her Divinity, She is as Alive as we are. We are regaining that connection.

Connectedness and Unity brings us to our Natural Realm. Activate this from Within and Express it fully. Be alive with your Sacred Breath in the world around you.

Somethings here keep you from realizing who you are. Belief systems, Seals in our Light Body,. Recognize who you are, go deeper into your Eternal Soul.

You are a Sacred Divine Vessel. Mind control here through bloodlines has set you in another direction, even the frequency of the music is working in the opposite direction.

Embody Collective Unity with a Love for one another and this Beloved planet. This template does exist. Angels are everywhere. Angel numbers are Intuitive Guidance on this 222 day.


GOD Loves You!

**Have A Day in 222 & 2222 Angel Energy!**

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