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Soul Transformation 10/1/20

Full Moon in Aries today. (5:05 pm EST). This month has 3 lunar cycles, a Full Moon Oct 1 and another on Oct 31. This first Full Moon in Aries pulls you into the Polarities Within.

Something in your opposite polarity will manifest; dualities will come into Harmony.

Sun and Moon are opposite. Sun is Libra - Venus, Moon is Aries - Mars( which is in Retrograde in Aries - first time since 1988) so this brings Energy into Harmony. Remember things that are opposite, bring some kind of polarity with an awareness of its manifestation.

Mars is in Retrograde, so it’s very Active at this time. Look for Aries in your Birth Chart, WE all have it somewhere. Be calmer with Mars, not aggressive, which is not assertive.

Mars in Retrograde here makes this Energy so much more intense.

Libra and Aries bring a Harmony and Balance to endings and beginnings. This will bring a New Way of Being, a New Way of looking at the world.

Our focus Within has us looking at Inner Polarities, with a Consciousness of purging to create the equilibrium needed to make Higher Vibrational Choices.

WE will break negative habits, becoming free, to birth a New Life.

WE will attract our Shadow Side, to go from co-dependency to inter-dependency; creating more balance, increasing strength of our Soul. You’ll live in a Higher version of you, without the 3D drama.

There will be a Powerful Healing Shift with Chiron. WE will have a bigger open Heart with lots of feelings and sensitivities. Removing emotional restrictions, while enhancing the ability to Heal, is happening. Love is Healing.

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