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Soul Transformation 10/13/20

StarSeeds, Light Workers, Energy Workers, Old Souls, WayShowers, hold your neutrality in this multidimensionality. There is a Oneness here multidimensionally.

When you’re neutral, you come from your Heart and not your mind. When you’re neutral, you leave space for others to enter without judgement or criticism Energy.

Truth comes from your Heart in a Oneness of Divine Love of All. WE all are sharing, existing, living, breathing on this planet. There is a Oneness in the Human species.

When You Feel the Energetics of any and every exchange, keep your Heart open so it’s done in Divine Love. Anything not done at this Frequency will cause you to lose Power.

Be in Energetic alignment with all that you say, all that you do, all that you are. Keep your Self in a Congruency check at all times. This will keep you consistent in your nature, a balance in your Soul.

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