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Soul Transformation 10/21/20

Love your Body, know it has a baseline frequency that pulsates out of your body into the world.

A new time line comes when your baseline shifts. Your Frequency can shift up and down all the time.

Choice and Free Will play a major role in your Frequency. Your body pulsates this Energy out causing you to have a reality about you from you and your pulsations.

There are Infinite Possibilities to what and how you can Choose to Change. Our life experiences come from your Choices before your incarnation. Your Light continues to shine irregardless.

Physical ailments do not stop you from Evolving. Remember this is a 3D reality that you’re only experiencing; it’s not Eternal. You have to experience what you have to feel in the body, it’s part of the Shift. Iq

Flood your Physical Body with Light to get rid of any low consciousnesses in the body. Anything that’s doing harm to Humanity and others, Shower them with your Soul Love and Light.

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