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Soul Transformation 10/28/20

Are you feeling for your Divine Spiritual Guidance? Are you taking note of the Energy and Energies around you?

Do you go about your day with your Guides? With Divine Guidance? Are you living a Spirit directed life?

Are you having Faith, Trust and Belief in your Guidance? Trust this Divine field, this Divine Wisdom, this Divine Essence.

Do you Trust in the Divine Source to get you from one point to another? Do you Trust your Creator? Have Faith in your Destiny.

You don’t need to be able to see your guides, or hear them, for now it’s ok to just be able to FEEL them. If you can see and hear them, these are your Divine Gifts of the Soul. Some can just see them, some can just hear them. It’s all ok. You need to get to know you have Divine Source Guidance with you 24/7.

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