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Soul Transformation 10/7/20

Remember what you send out comes back, what you radiate comes back. What are you sending out? What are you radiating?

Remember if you send out Love, if you send out Light, if you send out Compassion, if you send out Peace, if you send out Joy - Everyone and everything, including Mother Earth is going to FEEL those vibrations - send them out.

You can neutralize and alchemize lower frequency consciousnesses by emitting, radiating, focusing on LOVE. LOVE is the answer in All things.

Prayer, Meditation, Intention can fuse and infuse any situation and every Heart. Lessen your anxiety, worry and stress, by Being Love and holding that Frequency as High and as much as you can.

WE must become Active as Warriors of Light. WE can accelerate the process of Ascension by Intentionally Focusing Love and Light into dark places, lower consciousnesses.

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