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Soul Transformation 10/9/20

Important NOW - StarSeeds, Energy Workers, Light Workers, WayShowers, Old Souls, to get into Present Time. To really Be Present in the Now Moment.

Feel your body, feel your Frequency. Make sure you’re not scattered all over the place. Be able to Be in the Present Moment and to act in the Moment of Being Present.

Make sure you can hear a whisper in your ear, see a butterfly fly, feel the wind on your face. Slow down, pull your Self in, ground your Self, feel the details of your life.

WE are definitely moving into Higher Consciousness. There may be rough times of low density anger, rage, fear and there will be High times of Peace, Love, Joy.

When you get Present, it brings a Peace and Tranquility to your Soul.

When you get Present, your Frequency is not scattered. When you get Present, you can Feel the Divine in your Soul.

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