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Soul Transformation 8/11/20

When systems collapse you feel the breakdown of these consciousnesses, remember WE are always safe. The illusion is when things collapse we’ll go into chaos. WE are 5D.

When systems collapse it is for the Highest Good of All. The Consciousness that created them is no longer present, as it served a 3D dense matrix; WE have moved on. WE are 5D.

When systems collapse WE will clean up the ashes and begin again. It will take time to rebuild the new aligned systems. The New Earth systems will be Higher Consciousness. WE are 5D.

When systems collapse fear propaganda starts to circulate, where illusions bring you to nothing left. The New systems are formulating right before your eyes. They will begin as the others disappear. WE are 5D.

When systems collapse the Universe has your back. This Ascension was designed to remove what is no longer serving you. What serves you will arise from Within. WE are 5D.

GOD Loves You!

”Have a Day Serving from Within!!!**



**Susan G Chamberlain**   

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