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Soul Transformation 8/27/20

Feel the Grace of you’re Soul, Body, Mind and Spirit. Feel your eternal, limitless, Divine Being. Feel your Soul’s Wholeness, Oneness, Unified state with your Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Time to go beyond your old programming, your old patterns, your old conditioning to the New Experiences and Expressions of your Divine Being. It’s ready to let go of everything old, to embrace everything NEW.

WE are learning and accepting US as WE are, going past our history and realizing our Growth, Expansion and Potential in this New Age of Divine Self Expression; as WE all make a difference.

Concerning our outer life and it’s manifesting capabilities, WE must first excavate and transform our Inner. WE must move beyond our past boundaries and pain, so WE can Clearly See in this 2020 Vision, our Spark of Divine Light in a New Perspective.

Going deeper Within, Self discovery of our Soul, it’s Divine Purpose and the Path WE are in Divine Alignment with, allows us more Freedom and Peace. Free from All the low density, as WE Reclaim our Profound Light

Higher Consciousness. This shifts our reality into a world of Benevolence.

**GOD Loves You!**

”Have a Day in the New Age of Divine Self Expression!!”



**Susan G Chamberlain**   

Spiritual Holistic Services:

Intuitive, Mystic, Coach, Teacher, Author

Soul Alchemy Transformation™

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