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Soul Transformation 8/30/20

Notice where you are Consciously. Do you Feel you have shifted from at least 6 months ago? There has been a massive shift in Consciousness for everyone. Listen to the way people are speaking.

WE and the Collective have been Alchemizing our Consciousness from low level dense Light, to a Higher Level Crystalline Light. WE can see the lower Light, Feel the lower Light, experience the lower Light and Shift it to Higher Light.

The Collective has been really shifting, Alchemizing very dense lower Light. It has been acknowledging, feeling, living and moving dense Energy into Higher Light.

Beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, emotions, are All Consciousnesses that WE and the Collective have watched, felt, experienced them rising to the surface to be Alchemized.

WE All have to accept the lower Energy and Love it, WE have to choose this and accept it, so WE can All experience New Ways of Being in Higher Consciousness with our Self and one another.

GOD Loves You!

**Have a Day Reflecting Your Level of Consciousness!!!**



**Susan G Chamberlain**   

Spiritual Holistic Services:

Intuitive, Mystic, Coach, Teacher, Author

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The Soul Alchemist™

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Susan G Chamberlain

Spiritual Holistic Services:

Intuitive, Mystic, Coach,Teacher, Author.

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